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Air Medic Exec
AllerAir Air Medic Exec

This all-purpose air cleaner features a powerful, five-stage filtration system based on 18 lbs of activated EXEC carbon mix and a medical HEPA filter to eliminate both airborne particles as well as chemicals, gases and odors.

Its cylindrical shape with 360° air intake maximizes airflow, while casters provide easier maneuverability.

Separate carbon and HEPA filters allows each to be changed independently.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions: 17.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
Shipping Weight: 55 lbs. 2 Boxes
Filtration System: MAC-B Carbon, Micro HEPA, Pre-Filter
Carbon Filter: 25 lbs MAC-B, 2.5 " Depth
Rated CFM: 360 (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Max Covered Area: 1800 sq. ft
Other Options
  • Custom Carbon Blend
Available Colors
  • Black, White, Sandstone
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