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5000 DS Exec
AllerAir 5000 DS Exec

The Allerair 5000 DS air purifier is designed for tobacco smoke removal and features a unique tar-trapping pre-filter that grabs larger particles and tar, and extends the life of the HEPA filter and carbon filter.
The unit also features a micro-wrap filter to deal with small particles as small as the fine cigarette ash and a 3" extra-deep, 22 lb carbon filter which increases dwell time, allowing more chemicals, gases and odors to be absorbed.

An even deeper, 3.5"/28 lb carbon filter is available with the DXS model. The only proven to work method of absorbing lingering substances that result from tobacco smoke in a closed environment even when active smoking has ceased.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions: 20.5" (height) x 15 " (diameter)
Shipping Weight: 54 lbs. 2 Boxes
Filtration System: Special Smoking Blend Carbon, Medical-Grade HEPA, Prodense Pre-Filter
Carbon Filter: 24 lbs Special Smoking Blend, 3 " Depth
Rated CFM: 400 (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Max Covered Area: 1500 sq. ft
Other Options
  • UV Light, Custom Carbon Blend
Available Colors
  • Black, White, Pewter, Sandstone
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